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Torpedo Cocktail Kegs
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Torpedo Cocktail Kegs

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Due to high demand, the 2.5 gallon is currently out of stock. Be the first to receive your items by placing a pre-order today. We will automatically ship this to you when we receive more in mid December.

The Torpedo Cocktail Keg is the ideal vessel for serving pre-mixed cocktails and other concoctions on draft. The corny keg style lid makes it easy to pour in your beverage of choice without having to fuss with removing the spear like with standard commercial sanke kegs. Hook up a D-Style keg coupler to begin carbonating the beverage from the bottom up. These kegs provide the added advantage of fully carbonating the entire cocktail. When making drinks on the fly, carbonation is lost quickly since you're mixing carbonated and flat ingredients together. But when served from a fully carbonated keg, you can enjoy the bubbles in your glass for longer!

Draft lines needing some love? The Torpedo Cocktail keg easily doubles as a line cleaning keg. Simply fill with a batch of LLC or BLC to give your bev lines a little TLC.


  • Max Pressure: 130 psi
  • PRV Rating: 85 psi
  • High Quality Laser Welded Seams
  • ISO9001 Quality Assurance
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel


  Height (in.) Diameter (in.)
1.5 Gal 10 9 3/8
2.5 Gal 13 1/4 9 3/8