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Speidel 2BBL (200L) Braumeister All in One Electric Brewing System
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Speidel 2BBL (200L) Braumeister All in One Electric Brewing System

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The Braumeister: A patented, electric, self-contained all-grain brewing system producing 61 gallons of wort per brew. The beauty of the Speidel Braumeister is in simplicity and small footprint. This product is not part of our free shipping policy, however we only charge actual freight from our California or Pennsylvania Warehouse to your location.

Touchscreen Control Panel
The new automatic control system brews with your own individual recipes and guides you through the brewing process. Recipes and software updates can be synced automatically with the integrated WiFi. The time and temperature are precisely maintained through all brewing phases. The new touchscreen makes it even easier to operate the Braumeister.

In addition, the large Braumeisters have integrated a new pressure sensor-controlled pump control. The pressure sensor in the pressure line which is connected with the malt pipe allows you to regulate the pump speed via the pressure. The new timer function saves time because, for example, the brewing water can be heated up early in the morning.

One Vessel
With the Braumeister you Mash, Boil and Cool all in the same vessel. All actions are controlled by the included electronic control system. Your brewing process is started in the Braumeister the same as with any other system, by mixing cracked grain with hot water. From there traditional step mashes at multiple temperatures are easy to maintain when you set your program on the controller.

Traditional Sparging Optional
Because of the constant movement of wort, the high ratio of liquid in the mash and the unique grain bed filters, the efficiency of removing sugar from the mash is good. This eliminates the need for a traditional sparge. However, when you shift from Mashing to the boil by lifting the grain bed out of the tank you can rinse the grain with hot water, performing a more traditional sparge if desired.

Boil and Cool
After the grain basket is removed with the included winch you will begin a traditional boil for 60 to 90 minutes. After the boil is over you connect to your glycol system (see our Kreyer Chilly45 GLY411) and use the built-in dimpled cooling jacket to cool the wort down. Simple.

Product Specifications:

  • Can be configured to run on 208V or 400V Three Phase Power
  • Built in frequency converter allows it to run on 50 or 60hz
  • Designed to make approximately 61 gallons of wort, 52 gallons finished beer.
  • Dimensions: 54" W x 34" D x 79" T
  • heating spiral: 3 x 3000 Watt heating capacity
  • 370 Watt pump
  • 92.59 lb max qty of malt
  • One year warranty

Control Software:

  • Brewing guide—also shows quantity and kind of raw materials
  • Precise temperature measuring
  • Pump pauses are adjustable
  • Integrated WiFi for software updates and sync of recipes with MySpeidel
  • Integrated database of raw materials
  • Timer function with delayed start
  • Ferment control compatible with the Tilt Hydrometer

Control Hardware:

  • IP 65 water resistant
  • 5" touchscreen
  • Additional connections 24V and CAN for future accessories
  • WiFi and Bluetooth integrated



Item # BRAU300-20
Weight 498 LBS