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Opale 2.0 Dry Wine Yeast (500 g)
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Opale 2.0 Dry Wine Yeast (500 g)

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The new and improved ICV Opale yeast is a perfect option for rose wines and ciders to bring out exotic and citrus aromas, while maintaining freshness sought after in roses. A QTL yeast with low to no H2S, SO2, and acetaldehyde production.

Lalvin ICV Opale 2.0™ exhibits a special ability to produce very low level of H2S and SO2. Moreover, the final level of acetaldehyde fermented with Lalvin ICV Opale 2.0™ will be a good asset to stabilize most wines with moderate SO2 level. Sensory attributes provide exotic, tropical and citrus fruit intensity. Lalvin ICV Opale 2.0™ is a good alternative to other selected wine yeast to obtain more freshness in wine.

Fermentations Speed:
Glycerol Production: Moderate
Lag Phase: Very short
Nitrogen Needs: Low
Alcohol Tolerance: 16%
SO2 Production: Very low
Max. Temperature: 86°F
Min. Temperature: 59°F

Item # DYW88B
Weight 1LBS
Weight500 g