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Manual Keg Filler - 4 Station | MB
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Manual Keg Filler - 4 Station | MB

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Shorten the time it takes to do your least favorite task with the MB Keg Filler. Our Keg Filler was designed by renowned brewmaster Colin Kaminski to make filling kegs a simple process that can be completed quickly. Connect your tank to the keg filler via the 1.5" butterfly valve inlet, which will enable you to shut off flow if you run into any issues. Monitor flow with the sight glass to see if you're pulling yeast, if there's air present in the system, or if CO2 is breaking out of solution because you're filling too quickly. The highest point in the filler is a plunger-style sample valve sitting at the opposite end, allowing you purge air out of the system and minimize oxidation. The high-quality stainless steel keg couplers have had the check valves removed so beer and CO2 can flow backwards when needed. Reinforced silicone tubing on the beer-out side offers more protection when cleaning and sanitizing the system with hot solution. Clear vinyl on the gas-out side operates as a sight glass to let you know what's happening in the keg—foam in the tubing indicates you're filling too quickly, while beer in the tubing indicates the keg is full.

  • 4-Head Keg Filling Station
  • Stainless Steel D-style sanke couplers
  • Reinforced silicone tubing on beer side
  • Clear vinyl tubing on gas side
  • Custom-welded compact stainless steel stand

Item # KEG250
Weight 48 LBS