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MB® 3 Vessel Oil Heated Brewhouse | 3 bbl | With Mash Rake
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MB® 3 Vessel Oil Heated Brewhouse | 3 bbl | With Mash Rake

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  • Heated oil is circulated around jacketed tanks to heat and boil gently
  • All the benefits of steam without the complexity of a steam generator
  • No internal electrical elements in direct contact with wort
  • Much lower electrical amp requirements than traditional elements
  • 1bbl, 2bbl, 3bbl, 5bbl, & 10bbl systems available—contact our MoreBeer! Pro sales representatives to inquire!

Compared with the traditional steam heating brewhouse, the creative new-tech thermal oil heating avoids steam condensation and provides more possibility in reducing energy consumption in the brewing process, while achieving the same or better output. With gas fired brewhouses, all heat is directed to the very bottom of the kettle. Steam offers more surface area, but it requires a generator to create steam, collect it, and reheat it again. Oil heated brewhouses, on the other hand, use a simple oil heater and pump to circulate oil through the tank jackets, heating from the sides rather than the bottom. This offers not only greater surface area but faster thermal response compared to the other heating methods. By controlling the oil temperature, you also have more precise boil vigor control. For these reasons and more, the Oil Heated Brewhouse makes for an ideal pilot batch system.

This system also features a complete brew stand, product pump for recirculation and sparging, hard piped manifold, grain out door on the mash tun, and mounted plate chiller. The hard plumbed system is very easy to clean and only one hose is required for the whole process.

Design Features:

  • 3-Vessel System with dedicated HLT, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle
  • Compact design and easy installation, suitable for individual/private brewers
  • Built-in wort pump
  • Built-in HLT pump
  • Built-in 2-stage heat exchanger
  • Distribution manifold
  • Built-in control panel
  • PID controls for kettle temperatures and oil temperature
  • Slotted Mash Screen
  • Tangential Kettle return
  • Built-in CIP
  • Insulated
  • No steam boiler/burner required
  • No condensate water
  • Thermal oil system is more efficient
  • Hot oil vessel can operate at higher temperatures, that means 25% higher heating efficiency (2bbl used for measurements):
    • oil temperature set at 150℃ (available up to 300℃)
    • from 82°F to 140°F (28°C to 60℃), heat-up time: 20 min
    • from 140°F to 176°F (60°C to 80℃), heat-up time: 20 min
    • from 176°F to 212°F (80°C to 100℃), heat-up time: 30 min
  • Higher heating efficiency compared to steam heating, power saving
  • High cost-effective, cost saving
  • Simultaneous heating of mash tun and kettle, time saving


  • Total Electrical Power: 32.95 kw
  • Total Amps: 91 Amps
  • Total Mash Foundation Volume: 7.66 gal
  • Total Mash volume above the screen: 123.12 gal
  • Gross Volume (Mash, Boil, HLT): 130.78 gal
  • Gross Oil Volume: 32.23gal
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 159.2" x 53.1" x 79.6"

Manufacturing Process:

  • A vertically integrated manufacturing processes from raw materials purchase, welding, polishing to packing
  • 100% Stainless Steel 304, only quality materials are used
  • Modern technology: TIG welding, spot welding, laser welded on dimple jacket and tank bottom, trace welded pipes
  • Strictly controlled under ISO9001 quality management system

Requires a single 100 amp three phase power supply and a single water connection. The drain ends in a TC fitting and can be vented to the floor or to a hose.


Item # BHS1003
Weight 2866 LBS