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KRYO Inline Draft Beer Chiller | KOMOS®
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KRYO Inline Draft Beer Chiller | KOMOS®

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  • Benchtop keg dispenser serves ice cold beer from unchilled kegs
  • Compact and portable. Use anywhere you have access to 110V power
  • Superior cooling capacity. Chill up to 8 gallons of beer per hour!
  • Fill the reservoir with tap water, or use a glycol solution for optimal performance
  • NukaTap Flow Control Faucets, tap handles, and drip tray included

The KOMOS KRYO keg dispenser can serve ice cold beer from unchilled kegs, making it a great option for tap rooms and cafes that can't store all of their beer in a walk-in fridge. And if the next fest you're pouring at will provide access to 110V power, you can use the KRYO as an alternative to a jockey box. No need to lug around ice and extra buckets to pre-chill your kegs before the beer enters the jockey box—this unit has enough cooling power to chill beer from a room temp keg down to serving temp.

The KRYO is essentially an electric jockey box that chills beer inline as it passes from the keg through the internal draft coils that sit submerged in the glycol reservoir. Simply place it on your counter or benchtop, fill the reservoir with a 20% glycol solution, and hook up your keg to the draft shank bulkheads. In roughly an hour, the reservoir will have cooled down enough that you'll be ready to pour! And thanks to the compact size, the KRYO can easily be transported from your establishment to any gathering of thirsty people you'll visit.

Glycol Reservoir
Although you can fill the reservoir with water only, for optimal performance we highly recommend using a glycol/water mix so you can lower the chilling solution below freezing. You simply won't be able to get your beer as cold if using water only. The sight gauge at the front will let you know if it's time to top up the reservoir, but also functions as a drain. When it's time to move the KRYO from one location to another, drain out the glycol into a sealable container to avoid spills during transportation.

The glycol reservoir provides an exceptional amount of cooling power that makes it perfect for servicing small bars or cafes, as well as home use. If you're deciding between this model and the KRYO Nomad, note that peak chilling capacity for this model is approximately 8 gallons per hour, whereas the Nomad can chill up to roughly 2 gallons per hour.

NukaTap Flow Control Faucets
These stainless steel forward sealing faucets allow you to make instant adjustments to the beverage flow as you pour. A perfect faucet for those who often switch between beer styles with different carbonation levels. No need to rebalance your lines or play with your regulator settings. Adjust the flow control level to dial in the flow rate and pour perfect pints every time! They also have the lowest thermal mass and best laminar flow design to further reduce foaming issues.

Draft Shank Bulkheads
The draft shank bulkheads with beer thread allow you to choose the type of fittings and draft line that best suits your needs. We highly recommend EVABarrier draft line and Duotight fittings—the same lines and fittings that come standard with our KOMOS Kegerators. These Duotight Female Beer Thread Adapters will allow you to hook up 8 mm OD EVABarrier, and also work with sanke keg couplers if you'll be dispensing commercial kegs. For homebrew kegs, we recommend Duotight Flare Adapters for your QDs, or if you're starting from scratch, consider the Duotight Ball Lock Quick Disconnects.


  • (2) NukaTap Stainless Flow Control Faucets
  • (2) Tap Handles
  • Stainless Countertop Drip Tray w/ Removable Grill


  • Chill 8 gallons of beer per hour (based on 68°F ambient)
  • Draft shank bulkheads compatible with Duotight fittings or nut & tailpiece combos
  • STC-1000 temperature controller (reads in °C)
  • Reservoir volume: 4.2 gal
  • Voltage: 110V-120V
  • Current: 0.9A
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 19" x 12" x 17.5" (not including faucets / drip tray)
  • CE Certified

Reservoir Temp Controller:
Follow these steps to adjust the SET temperature on the controller. If using water only, be sure to keep the reservoir temp set at or above 2°C to avoid freezing. With a 20% glycol solution, you can set the temp as low as -2°C. The reservoir volume is 4.2 gallons, so you will only need to purchase 1 gallon of glycol to make a 20% mix.

  1. Hold the 'Up" button for 3 seconds until the number is flashing
  2. While the number is flashing, press the 'Down' button to decrease the set temperature or press the 'Up' button to increase the set temperature.
  3. Wait 3 seconds and the controller will save the setting and return to normal operation mode.

Warning: Do not set the reservoir temperature controller lower than 28°F (-2ºC). Running the unit below this temperature may negatively affect the unit's efficiency and has the potential to freeze beer.


Item # D1941
Weight 61 LBS