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Ice & Insulated Mailer for Liquid Yeast - Large
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Ice & Insulated Mailer for Liquid Yeast - Large

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Includes 4 ice packs and an insulated mailer to help keep your liquid yeast cold during transit.  The Insulated Mailer option is a great way to extend the length of time your ice remains cool!  These special envelopes contain self expanding foam, which creates a form-fitting container that protects and insulates liquid yeast.  This upgrade includes the Insulating Envelope and 4 Ice Packs.

This option fits a number of yeast vials, pouches, or cans, and is made from thick foam insulation.  Because different yeast take up different space, each producer will fit a different quantity in this mailer.  See the chart below for what quantity of what yeast will fit inside.

Yeast Producer / Brand Quantity that will fit in Insulated Mailer
White Labs 30
GigaYeast 12
Wyeast 12
Imperial Yeast 5
Omega 6

If you aren't ordering this many yeast and want a smaller insulated mailer, check out our ICE1.

To purchase, simply add however many Insulated Mailers will be needed to contain however many yeast are in your cart.

Please Note!  Any additional yeast will be shipped outside of the mailer.  This option includes ice, and no additional ice needs to be purchased.

NOTE: We highly recommend ordering DRY YEAST during hotter months as your liquid yeast may get warm during the delivery period, even with multiple ice packs included. The insulated mailer offers better protection, but is still not guaranteed.

Item # ICE2
Weight 3 LBS