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2-Row Xtra Pale Malt - Viking Malt (55 lb Sack)
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2-Row Xtra Pale Malt - Viking Malt (55 lb Sack)

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Xtra Pale is a modern 2-row base malt designed for very light-colored beers.  While it works great as the base malt for any beer style, it is particularly perfect for today’s extra light colored pale ales and IPAs.  
Xtra pale is germinated like a pale malt to have a high degree of modification for easy brew house conversion. However, it is then uniquely kilned like a pilsner malt for a very light color. The result is a malt that easily and quickly converts like a true pale ale malt, but is as light or lighter than most pilsner malts.
Morebeer! Pro worked with Viking to design this malt based on numerous customer requests. Unique light-colored barley varietals were chosen and the germination and kilning processes were selected to get the best of both worlds.  Compared to other 2-row base malts on the market that were originally designed for big breweries, and are neither true Pilsner or true Pale Malts, Xtra Pale was specifically designed for light, craft-brewed ales. Because we are the direct importer we are able to offer you Northern European malt quality at domestic malt prices.  
Viking Malt is the 5th largest malting company in the world and the #1 maltster of drum roasted specialty malts. Viking Malt has 6 malthouses in areas where distinctive Nordic barley is sourced: in Halmstad, Sweden; Vordingborg, Denmark; Lahti, Finland; Panevezys, Lithuania and in Sierpc and Strzegom, Poland. The annual malting capacity is close to 600,000 tons.

Malt Specification:

Moisture % - max. 4.5
Extract fine % dm - min. 81.3
Color °L - 1.7 - 1.9
Protein % dm - max. 10.1
Kolbach Index % - 44.4
Beta-glucan in wort (mg/l) - 185
Friability % - 87
Glassy grains % - 0.4


Item # GS941
Weight 56 LBS
BrandViking Malt
Weight55 lb
Lovibond0 - 100 L